Sunday, December 28, 2014

Ntldr Missing

If you ever get the message Ntldr Missing or corrupted when booting your windows XP Machine, it could be that the NTLDR file was accidentally deleted, or somehow got corrupted along the way which is a very common problem.
In order to fix this problem we are going to need a Windows XP installation disc which you get when you buy a new computer, just because we will be using the Recovery Console to fix this issue, below you will find all the steps to follow in order to correct this problem:

1.-In order to fix the Ntldr Missing error we are going to insert  the windows XP installation disc and try to boot from the CD, you may need to change your boot order on the BIOS in order to boot from the CD, other computers do this automatically depending on the settings  they came out from the factory.

2.-You will get the following message “Press any key to boot from CD” just go ahead and press Enter to continue.

3.-Windows will now start loading all the files necessary; this could take from 2 to 5 minutes depending on  the speed of your computer.

4.-Once all files are loaded you will be presented with the following options to choose from:

          -To set up windows XP now, press Enter

          -To repair a windows XP installation using
           The Recovery Console, press R

          -To quit set up without installing windows XP, press F3

5.-Go ahead and press “R” Once in the Recovery Console select the drive you want to fix, which is usually drive C:\ or it could be a different letter drive depending on how many windows installation you currently have on your computer, but usually its the drive C:\.

6.-You will be prompted to enter the administrator password, if there is no password just go ahead and press enter to continue.

7.-Once on the C:\windows> directory go ahead and enter the ntldr missing file like shown below:

8.-C: \windows>copy D:\I386\Ntldr C:\

The Ntldr Missing error should be resolved and now you should be able to boot into windows without any problems, something else you can try if you are still having trouble with your computer is to run a checkdisk  scan that you can also run from the recovery console or you can schedule within windows next time the computer restart just to make sure there is nothing wrong with your hard drive.

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