Saturday, March 9, 2013


A must have tool for fighting viruses and spyware, designed as a pre-cleaning tool, Combofix comes in handy whenever you are trying to disinfests a computer in the case where the malware itself won’t allow to install your regular antispyware tools. Once you are infected with a virus or spyware they take control of your computer and do changes to the registry blocking the installation of your regular antispyware tool, the best way to run it is in safe mode with networking(for downloading updates), because only the essential  files to run windows load into memory, giving you a better change to run it . Combofix is a very small file that you can download from many different places, just do a Google search for it.


It is important to know that Combofix is a very powerful tool and should be use carefully, also in the process of cleaning your system it may delete some files where malware usually resides. It is a good idea to make a back up of the registry just in case. Also if you have your antivirus running make sure to turn it off before running Combofix, so that you don’t have any conflicts between the two programs.


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