Sunday, December 28, 2014

Earphones With Volume Control

This is something that I started discovering by accident as you all know all the iphones come with the  earphones with volume control. well I was using it like that without giving it a second thought, the same for listening to music. The way I came across this was when I was playing with my Ipod nano, there is a function on the ipod nano where you press a button twice and that makes it skip to the next song on the list, very useful especially when you are exercising. 
One day I was listening to music on my iphone while I was working, the thing about the iphone was that I had to get it out my pocket in order to change the song or so I thought. So out of nowhere I pressed the middle button twice and skipped to the next song, I was like no way! So I started playing and doing some more research and I found out some more great shortcuts:

- iPhone Earphones With Volume Control Shortcuts Complete List:

1. - For incoming calls, press the center button to answer, press it again to end the call.

2. - To ignore an incoming phone call, just press and hold the middle button.

3. - To swap between calls, press the middle button once. If you want to end the new call press and hold the middle button for a few seconds.

4. - If you have the camera on, press the volume up button to take pictures.

5. - For Siri just press and hold the middle button.

6. - If you are listening to a song press the middle button once to pause it, press it again to resume.

7. - To fast forward a song, press the middle button twice and hold it on the second press.

8. - To rewind a song, press the middle button 3 times and hold it on the third press.

9. - To skip a song, just press the middle button twice.

10. - To go back to a previous song, just press the middle button 3 times.

I hope that this iPhone earphones with volume control shortcuts have been of some help, Thanks for reading!


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