Friday, December 5, 2014

Macbook Pro Fan Speed Control

I decided to write this post today to show you how you can control your Macbook Pro fan speed; because for some time I have noticed that my laptop runs really hot, up to 90c when doing some intensive work and the fans don't really seem to kick in until it gets really hot.

I think I have an idea why the MacBook pro run hotter than a regular laptop; the problem is that Apple tries to make their products thinner and smaller every now and then which is fine with me, but the problem is that when you have Macbook pro with a Quad Core I7 processor or even the I5 processor, they generate a lot of heat and they need a lot of room to dissipate it and like I said before the fans don't really kick in until it gets to about 80c or 90c, This is a Macbook pro late 2013 Retina Display running  OS X Mavericks. 

After looking at Intel's data sheets for their Quad Core I7 processors, I found out that the max temp is about 100c,  a little too close for comfort if you ask me, so I started to do some research on how to  manually control the speed of the fans, so that my Macbook pro  would run cooler and make it last longer, because we all know heat is the enemy of computers.

There is a couple of Apps you can download to increase your Macbook Pro fan speed, but there is one in particular that I really like called Macs Fan Control which you can download for free and it allows you to control the fan in three different ways: automatic, constant and sensor base.

Macs Fan Control, MacBook Pro

Just go to and download it ; once you install the app and set it up the way you wanted it makes a big difference on how cool your Macbook pro runs.

One thing you will notice is that the fans run a little noisier on cpu intensive work or video and audio editing, therefore the fans have to spin faster, but other than that I think it is a great App for increasing your Macbook Pro Fan Speed.

Macs Fan Control, MacBook Pro

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