Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Is The New iPhone 6 Really Too Big?

There seems to be a lot of excitement with the release of the New iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ which took place on september 19th of this year with a record sale of 10 million units in a week. Apple is finally giving people what they really want as far as screen sizes go.

I always loved my iPhone, but one major complaint  I had was the size of the screen, especially if you like to watch movies on it or to just  simply surf the web, it can be a little frustrating with such a small screen. I personally like the 4.7-inch HD display of the new iPhone 6, the screen is big enough and yet still fits good in my hand. 

new iPhone 6

As far as the iPhone 6+ goes, it kind of compares to the Galaxy Note 4 in size; only a little smaller. I think there is a market for every phone, people have different needs.

One major improvement of new iPhone 6 is that it comes with a brand new desktop class 64-bit A8 chip architecture which is 25% faster than the previous A7 chip of the iPhone 5s and for the memory you can buy one now with up to 128g capacity , something never before seen on a mobile device which is great, but I only wish apple would come up with a phone that has a memory slot like any other smartphone on the market today.

There has been numerous claim of people complaining of bending issues with their new iPhone  whenever they put it in their pockets. If you think about it you can bend or break any phone if you have in your back pocket and then you sit on it, regardless of what the brand is. 

My only disappointment about the New iPhone 6 was the camera, I wish Apple would have done major improvements on it, at least a bigger resolution for taking pictures like 16 megapixels or so, there has been only a few some improvement, but nothing major.


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