Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Free Online Virus Scanner

If you ever wanted to check a particular file for viruses, trojans, worms and all other kinds of malware without having to install an Antivirus program; you can very easily upload the file to www.VirusTotal.com the neat thing about this website is that it uses multiple antivirus programs up to 50+ to scan the file and it’s completely free; this is particularly good, because we all know that there is not a single antivirus product that can catch it all, this lowers the possibility of having a false positive result.

Something important to keep in mind is that the file you are uploading can’t be bigger than 128 MB in size; another cool feature about www.VirusTotal.com  that  I like is that it let’s you check URLS too.

Remember that this only works for scanning individual files, if you suspect your whole computer is infected then I would recommend installing a good Antivirus software, check my previous article ‘best free antivirus programs’ for a list of programs that I personally like.

There are a lot cases when the computer is so infected that the malware doesn’t let you install any programs, that’s when a pre cleaning tool is recommended! I will be talking more in depth about this in future posts!

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