Sunday, December 28, 2014

Computer Overheating Symptoms

Believe or not computer overheating is very common problem that everybody experiences at some point or another and it is mostly due to a clogged fan, poor air circulation or worst, the fan that cools the cpu simply stops working. There are many Computer Overheating Symptoms, besides the excessive heat, the most common one is that the computer just shut down by itself without any warnings and it usually happens minutes after you turn it on.

So if you have a desktop, most people tend to place the computer on the floor because of space, overtime the fan and everything inside the computer case gets clogged with dust and lint, blocking the air flow. You can tell when a computer is clogged with dust because the fan makes this really loud noise.

Computer Overheating Symptoms - Solution:

What I would recommend is that you buy a can of compress air, take your computer outside, because you don’t want all the dust inside your house. Open the side panel of the computer case making sure you don’t touch anything inside and just blow off the dust, make sure you hold the can of compress air in a upright position when blowing, if you have a laptop you will see some vents at the bottom or the sides of the laptop, just blow air through it and that should take care of it.
If you have an air compressor in your garage you could certainly use it, but make sure have a moisture filter connected to it, because you don’t want to be blowing moisture inside your pc that would be a bad idea.

Computer overheating Symptoms - Other causes:

Blowing the dust out of the case should make your computer run cooler, but if you still have some overheating problems, there is something else you could do, but do it only if you are tech savvy and have a great understanding about computers, because you could easily damage your computer if you don’t know what you’re doing.
Between the cpu and the heatsink(aluminum block on top of the cpu) you have thermal paste and its used to make a nice even contact between the two, over time though, this thermal paste gets sort of like a hard plastic, loosing all off its heat transfer properties and making your computer overheat. You can buy the thermal paste at your local electronics store or one of the major  electronic retailers online.

When you remove the Heatsink from the cpu you will see the old thermal paste, just clean it up with some isopropyl alcohol and let it dry before you put new thermal paste on it, you need just enough to cover the metal surface of the cpu. Now, if you have a laptop it’s a lot harder to do this, because this involve taking the whole laptop apart and if you don’t have any patience or the skills to do it, just find somebody competent to do it for you, you’ll be surprise on how much cooler your computer runs just by replacing  the thermal paste and the computer overheating symptoms are a thing of the past.


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